Benefits associated with our club

Professional Staff

Our club’s staff includes golf professionals. These experts are trained to help you become better golfers. Belonging to our club gives you the opportunity to work with our golf pros. You may be able to book a private lesson, during which you can begin to weed out your golfing weaknesses and replace them with stronger skills. These lessons may, over time, help you become a better golfer.

Impeccable Maintenance

Unlike municipal courses, which rely on tax funding, our private course benefit from the support of annual subscription fees. Because golf is highly valued at our club, much of this money is set aside for the regular care and upkeep of the course. The professional greens staff focuses much of its time on mowing the course, watering the grass, and raking the bunkers. This crew puts careful thought into what grasses to use and performs annual or semi-annual tasks like aerationt. The club’s funds can also be used for long-term maintenance projects and major renovations that keep the golf course fresh and modern year after year.

Clubhouse Facilities

Our golf club is more than just a golf course. The facilities include a clubhouse, which usually has dining areas and meeting rooms. In the club’s restaurant, you can grab a drink after a round of golf, or you can bring your whole family to enjoy a fine-dining experience for dinner. You may be able to rent part of the clubhouse space for your private event. The clubhouse may also have a pro shop, where you can conveniently purchase golf gear from top brands. We also have a well-maintained resting room.

Classy Environment

The members of a country club agree to a code of conduct that guides how people act and dress. These rules aren’t burdensome; rather, they improve the golf experience for everyone. For example, policies about cell phone use relieve the worry that your golf game will be hung up by a discourteous golfer who keeps taking calls while on the course. Easy-to-follow clothing guidelines ensure that both members and their guests maintain a put-together appearance that transitions easily between the golf course and dining facilities.

Family Atmosphere

Whether you are the only golfer in your immediate family, or you’re one of a house full of golfers, you will appreciate the family atmosphere of our club. Here, family members of all ages are welcome to join and participate in club life–both on the golf course and in the clubhouse. In fact, you may find that you are able to golf more than before because the whole family enjoys being at the club. You can golf together, or the family can spread out to participate in separate activities.

Social Events

Our club have events, which can include socials, golf tournaments and parties. Throughout the year, members can stay busy at the club. You may find activities for men, women, couples, kids or the whole family. These events may feature entertainment, food and drinks, friendly competitions, and opportunities to get to know other members. Those who enjoy planning events may be able to put their talents to good use by joining the club’s social committee, which takes responsibility for organizing events.

New Friends

Between social events, time on the golf course, and meals in the clubhouse restaurant, there are many opportunities to make new friends at our club. You may hit it off with others who have similar interests or careers, or you may find friends whose backgrounds are quite different from yours. At most golf clubs, many of the members have at least one unifying characteristic in common: a love for the game of golf!

Guest Opportunities

Our club have guest policies that allow you to bring friends to the course with you. You can show them around and let them join you for a round of golf. Bringing a friend to visit our club may pique their interest in becoming a member as well. This may give you the opportunity for another perk of club membership: the chance to help someone else become part of the country club family. There is also wide business opportunities to the members through networking because most sponsors of our club are big and well known corporates in our country and outside world.

Spacious and well-organized car parking area.

We have a very experienced and well-trained security personnel for you, your car and other personal belongings.

Clean and well maintained changing rooms with warm bathing water and all bathing facilities.

Here you can also get body massage services from our well trained personell, which keeps you well.

Reciprocating clubs

As a member you have an opportunity to enjoy services of other golf clubs.

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Nestled in Machakos town, Machakos Golf Club offers a premier golfing experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to explore this timeless sport, our club provides the perfect setting to hone your skills and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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